About Katinka Press

Katinka Press is a creative enterprise whose values reflect those of its founder, Nina Katzmarski. These core values are a keen passion for positive social change, art, design, play and community work. Katinka Press creates unique, inspirational and imaginative book making related  workshops for both children and adults to bond, learn, share and grow. Playfulness and empathy are the keystones to the work of Katinka Press. 

Furthermore, Katinka Press offers a wide range of meaningful, personal and commercial graphic design services. We make wedding invitations, corporate identities, or anything that requires a professional sophistication of playful design.

About Nina

Born in an East German town as the daughter of a journalist and art teacher, stories and fine art have always been a large part of Nina’s life. She spent some years wandering and travelling the world and experiencing a diverse range of cultures. Nina studied 3 years of visual arts in Amsterdam (Gerrit Rietveld Academy) and Prague (AAAD). In addition she gained a Degree in Social Work in Berlin (Alice Salomon Hochschule) - before migrating to Australia where she received a Masters in Design at COFA (College of Fine Arts) in Sydney. Prior to the founding of Katinka Press in Australia, she has worked many years in the social sector, combining social work with the creative arts in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Nina loves preparing workshops and designing new children’s books for Katinka Press. You can also find her playing explorer with her curious children Mathilda and  Jakob in the nearby national parks, pottering around in a community garden or building a gigantic sandcastle at the beach.