Introducing The StorySower Book Making Program

We are proud to introduce our new StorySower book making program specially designed for schools which aim to deliver the curriculum in exciting and innovative ways. The StorySower program was successfully launched in winter 2014 with its premier book “The Perilous Adventures Of The Pilfered Penguin” written and illustrated by class 2H Newcastle East PS.

The unique program offers students of all ages the rare opportunity to become published authors and illustrators.

Collaborate, Communicate, Create

The StorySower program is structured to run over a whole school term. During weekly visits by an experienced book designer and educator the students will be provided with all the materials and knowledge needed to create a full colour picture book from the idea to the the published product. The students will learn about creative story development, various illustration technics, the key principles of layout design, typeface and technical aspects of book binding.During the process, students develop their imagination and self-confidence, whilst discovering the fun of a creative narrative. Moreover, they learn to foster complex thinking skills, develop their communication methods, establish a visual and graphic vocabulary and the perseverance to complete a project.

The StorySower program has been invented as an extraordinary opportunity for students to develop strong team work competence, learn about effective decision making methods and consensus finding while being engaged in quality creative arts learning. We will work closely with the class teacher. Students with additional learning and support needs will be considered in the planning before the program starts.

Who would benefit?

This unique program is designed to be beneficial to a broad audience. Participants could include:

  •  primary classes
  •  year 6 as a farewell present to the school
  • Stage 4 students
  • high school students with literary support
  • any school needing the perfect fundraising product.

StorySower Package

We offer a special service package for your convenience. The service includes:

  • All materials
  • Weekly visits of 2 hours by an experienced book designer, illustrator and educator
  • Teaching of creative story, illustration and layout design
  • Professional editing of story, images and book layout
  • 300 professional offset printed and perfect bound full colour books for you to sell (number of books are negotiable)
  • Merchandising design like cards, posters, bookmarks or masks

Another great Workshop for Schools: Grandfather and the Immortality Machine

The Book - Grandfather and the Immortality Machine

A pop up book full of surprises created by Katinka Press that explores the themes of death, acceptance and the celebration of life. It is the story of a dying grandfather and his grandson. With wisdom and love the grandfather explains why our time on earth is limited and why this is a good thing...With its poetic and innovative perspective this book opens up a natural dialog about death and grieving for children, parents and grandparents.

Katinka Press is passionate about positive social change which is why we encourage discussions around sensitive topics to schools.


The Workshop - Designed for Primary Schools

A specialist Social worker with experience in hospice and bereavement work will visit your school, transform your classroom into a peaceful storytelling room and read Grandfather and the Immortality Machine to your studentsThere will be an opportunity for students to share their personal stories and experiences.Some children might speak about the death of a beloved pet and others may have experienced the loss of a grandparent.

We then look at death in other cultures and supplement this with craft activities based  around the Dia de Muertos, the Mexican day of the dead.